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Written by Emily on Novermber 19th 2014

I’ve had a very busy morning. It started with an early morning coaching session in which my client achieved amazing results. I returned a barrage of emails, updated my social media sites and managed to fit in coffee with a friend. In the 40 minutes I had before meeting my friend, I was faced with a choice. To run or not to run.

I was tempted to stay at home and play around on social media, allowing Facebook to sweep me into its vortex and considered procrastinating in a myriad of others ways (my sock draw really does need organising!)

But instead, I went for a run. Now let me be clear; this was not the easy option. I didn’t want to go for a run but a couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted a level of fitness that was reflected in my appearance and in the way I felt. I knew that in order to have these things, I needed to do the following:

• Excercise regularly

• Eat healthy

In order to do these things, I knew I had to be a certain type of person.

The person I was in my 20s was not the sort of person who went to the gym. I was lethargic, much preferring my bed to an early morning run. I was unmotivated and easily swayed if the offer of a drink came about instead of a visit to the gym. I was lazy and happy to eat instant, carb heavy processed food (and chocolate!)

The results I was getting reflected this. I was unfit, untoned, hung over (often) and experienced constant back pain.

I knew that to change my body I had to change what I was doing.

You can’t expect to continue doing the same thing (in my case sitting on the sofa eating chocolate) and expect things to change. But in order to change what I was doing, I first had to change who I was being. If I chose to remain being lazy and unmotivated, I was never going to go to the gym and I could not expect to lose weight, be fitter or feel healthier.

I had to BE the change I wanted.

Here's an example:

John wants an acting career (HAVE)

To get this, he has to go to auditions and drama school (DO)

To do these things, he needs to be committed, focused and driven (BE)

John has to BE a certain person to DO what he needs to do in order to HAVE what he wants.

In my case, I had to BE motivated and disciplined in order to DO going to the gym, in order to HAVE the level of fitness I desired.

Knowing what you need to do to get what you want is imperative and there’ll be some really cool stuff coming your way about goal setting. But if you don’t harness the fundamental qualities you need to possess in order to do what you need to do, you’ll never get the results.

My question to you is, who do you need to be, to do the things you need to do, to get the thing you want to have? This morning I chose to be the sort of person who runs instead of sorting out her sock draw.

Who do you want to be?



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