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Simple isn't always easy

Written by Emily on June 12th 2014

A wise woman (my Mum!) once said to me ‘Most things are simple. But that doesn’t make them easy.’ Take for example, the simple formula for weight loss. Diet + Excercise = Results

We know this to be true. So why, with this simple formula at our disposal, do so many of us struggle with our weight? Well as my Mum says, simple doesn’t always mean easy.

For so many of us, our eating patterns are directly linked to our emotional state and patterns of behaviour we habitually refer to. Time and time again we commit ourselves to a healthy eating regime, only to find ourselves with our hands in the biscuit barrel the very next day. Sound familiar? Well, the good news is that habits can be broken.

We all know that we get better results when we exercise with a Personal Trainer. We push ourselves further, our form is better and it’s much more fun! We are also held accountable, something many find hard to do for themselves. In the same way a PT guides you through your exercise regime, a coach can guide you through the emotional strategies that so many of us have around food. As a transformational coach, I help people break free from the self-sabotaging behaviour that manifests itself so often through weight.

If you’ve found yourself in a cycle of diets, frustration, intense cravings, and low self-esteem then a coach can help you work through the underlying issues that hold you back from reaching your weight loss goals. Until you understand why you gained the weight in the first place and how it serves you (because it does), you will always struggle to maintain a healthy consistent balance. It’s not always easy to work this out on your own and it’s a journey you don’t need to go on by yourself. Check out my free video as a great starting point for shifting that mindset and get in contact with me today!

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