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Written by Emily on December 2nd 2014

It is so important to manage self. Successful people do it to such high effect that their mind, soul and bodies create success and happiness. A mentor of mine once gave me some advice about how to manage myself effectively for success. I’d like to share what he had to say with you because I have achieved such great results as a result of implementing his teachings in my business, my fitness and my personal life.


I am my own hero and I say that with pride and not a hint of ego. I have fantastic friendships and I am blessed with an amazing family. I also surround myself with the right kind of people; mentors, peers, students, teachers. But I know that wherever I go, there I am. To outsource power and rely solely on others for encouragement is dangerous. So I inspire myself first and foremost.


Frustration is one of those emotions that often leads to procrastination and overwhelm and after that, nothing gets done. When I get frustrated, I take a minute to refocus on my mission. Why is it important that I complete whatever it is I am doing? Then I keep going, even if it’s just a small baby step.


We live in a world where everything is instant. Information is at our finger tips, overnight delivery means our eBay purchase can be at our door by morning, email means we don’t need to wait for the postman. But the things worth waiting and working for (business growth, the healthy body you want, the relationship you want to develop) don’t happen overnight. They are long term missions. To expect instant gratification is to set yourself up for failure. You have to pay your dues!


Managing how you feel is so important. I talk to so many clients who think their emotions ‘happen’ to them. But your emotional state can be completely controlled through physiology, language, exercise and diet.


Have small little things to look forward to. I have a big mission for my business and it’s made up of lots of mini missions which I achieve along the way. This gives me hope and reference points for my success. A sculpture is made from chipping away at a big lump of stone!


Compassion is an underrated quality. To be compassionate to those around you and more importantly, to be compassionate to yourself allows for a happier life. Beating yourself up and blaming others is a recipe for depression. Remember that those around you are doing the best that they can with the resources they have available to them and this also applies to you.


Let me be clear here; I am not talking about spontaneity. Spontaneity is resourceful, impulse is not. Your ability to control impulse is another way of describing discipline. Don’t just do random shit for no reason! (I actually have that written above my desk!) Think about what you’re doing and WHY you’re doing it. Will it get you the result you want?

I trust this helps. If you would like to hear more about any of these points, let me know. I’d love to hear from you!



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